Formpark Rombico and Quadrato

The Formpark family continues to grow. The successful Formpark concept has been expanded to include two new formats that make it possible to reinterpret classic laying patterns: Formpark Quadrato [...]

Formpark: a new idea for parquet

The genius of Formpark is its simplicity. Depending on the way it is laid and the lighting, various new patterns, from calm to lively, from classic to avant-garde, emerge. Smooth transitions from [...]

Design possibilities

A house in Disentis, built in the 1970s, offered exciting potential for remodelling. Previously, this building—designed by the local architect Rico von Castelberg, a student of Rudolf Olgiati—had [...]

Park-Tower in Zug

High-rises are a model for creating new living concepts. These also pose a challenge in planning the various applications. Zurich architect Naomi Hajnos was tasked with designing the interiors of [...]

icon by horgenglarus

1, 1, Tip

icon is the modern interpretation of the classic, a Swiss icon of the traditional wooden chair, which has been in production since 1918.

Healthy living

People spend most of their lives in enclosed spaces: within their own four walls, at work or during leisure activities. The quality of these spaces has an impact on your well-being, your mood [...]


Thanks to HDF technology, Bauwerk combines the natural look and unique feel of authentic wooden floors with impressive performance and durability.