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Bauwerk’s Worlds of Parquet, which display the entire range of Bauwerk parquet floors, offer owner-builders and architects the perfect opportunity to choose the right floor. Naturally, a World of Parquet is indispensible in Chur, the capital of the canton of Grisons and the Plessur region. The mountains form an impressive backdrop to the local World of Parquet.


Bauwerk has interviewed Sandra Muoth.

Sandra is customer advisor at the World of Parquet in Chur.

Bauwerk Parquet: Which parquet colours are particularly popular in the capital of Grisons this spring?

S: Definitely light colours: At present, Avorio and Mandorla are very sought-after.  Customers who want a light floor love the colour Avorio. Those who prefer natural hues go for Mandorla. Mandorla B-Protect® is selling particularly well. Our customers were definitely ready for it.  The medium brown ‘brandy’ hue is very popular in the Master Edition and Silverline Edition ‘high class’.

Bauwerk Parquet: Which formats are currently most sought-after?

S: Large formats are currently in demand. In the case of owner-occupied properties, these include Silverline, Villapark and recently also Studiopark. For rental properties, customers clearly prefer Cleverpark, at higher rent levels also Studiopark.

Bauwerk Parquet: What are the current trends in the ‘interior design and furniture’ world?

S: In our region, there are two distinct trends that are very different from each other. Firstly, there is the calm, elegant style involving simple colours and floors with few knotholes, and secondly there is the Alpine style involving vibrant colours and rustic floors.  The latter is particularly popular among customers from Zurich or other cities who have holiday homes in the region.

Bauwerk Parquet: We have over 350 different parquet floors in our portfolio. Deciding on the right one can be difficult. If you had free choice, which parquet floor would you choose for your home?

S: I would choose Master Edition Silverline Brandy.  I really like the medium-brown hue. Also, I think the surface is ingenious and this is the best surface treatment. Of course, maintenance requires a bit more effort than nature oiled surfaces, but with the right care, this is no problem. 

Virtual tour of the World of Parquet in Chur

Bauwerk Parquet: Chur is considered the oldest city in Switzerland. What are must-sees on a visit to Chur?

S: Definitely the old centre of town – it’s beautiful. Obere Gasse, Arcas square or Martinsplatz.

Also, the surrounding nature is magnificent and a day trip is well worth it,  in winter as well as in summer. In Safiental, you can go on superb ski tours or snow shoe hikes. Lake Cauma (Lag la Cauma), which has an intensive greenish-turquoise shimmer, is perfect for long, relaxing walks. If you want to unwind, the famous Bad Ragaz spa is, of course, also nearby.

Bauwerk Parquet: And to conclude, can you recommend some good restaurants in Chur?

S: I recommend Calanda which has a cosy atmosphere, great food and friendly staff.

Bauwerk Parquet: Thank you for your time and for your interesting tips.

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