Tip: Tree house in Hildisrieden

Who didn’t dream of having their own tree house as a child? A place where you could hide out and concoct the craziest, but also the most exciting ideas. In the town of Hildisrieden, this childhood dream became a reality on a large scale.

An old oak tree, dating back some 100 years, has been the first Swiss tree house in the agricultural zone since September 2004. The panoramic views of the Alps and over Lake Sempach together with the guarantee of mainly fog-free days make this an excellent location for the dream house. In addition to the balcony, which runs right around the hexagonal house, and the large windows that allow natural light to penetrate, the south-facing terrace is a highlight of this modern-day style tree house.

A tree intrinsically offers the ideal conditions for living on it. The natural air conditioning cools the insufferably high temperatures in the summer and in the winter there is often no snow under the trees. Plus, when building a tree house, you do not have to seal the ground.

The oak in Hildisrieden can continue to grow as no fastening elements were installed in the tree. The trunk of the oak was used to reinforce the construction. For the terrace on the south, two “high roots” were also incorporated for support. A three-metre-high staircase is used to access the tree house.

Fotos: Baumhaus Archehof

This tree house experience shall be opened up to many people. The design of the tree house facilitates flexibility in its use. Visitors who hire out the premises can enjoy the tranquillity, the panoramic view and, of course, the positive energy of the oak for their event. There are only limits when it concerns spatial planning. As a consequence, the tree house cannot be rented out as overnight accommodation or as a living area. Activities and events in the tree house are related to the agricultural business of Neuhof, an archetypal ProSpecieRara farm since 2014.

For more information visit: www.baumhaus.ch

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