The Formpark family continues to grow. The successful Formpark concept has been expanded to include two new formats that make it possible to reinterpret classic laying patterns: Formpark Quadrato and Formpark Rombico. While the lavish formats emphasise sense of space, the laying patterns provide unique light reflections.

Thanks to its 1:5 ratio, Formpark Quadrato can be laid in various patterns that create a spacious effect. It is offered in three popular shades: Oak, Oak Crema and Oak Smoked — without bevels and brushing to create a general flat look. It can also be provided with the durable B-Protect® surface treatment. The new Swiss-made format is also 100% healthy for living and Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM .

Formpark Rombico has a 45° angle, among other things, making it ideal for laying in a French herringbone pattern. It is offered in the Oak, Oak Farina and Oak Mandorla shades, brushed, not bevelled. This format is very complex technically, and is manufactured with utmost precision, the latest machinery and unique Bauwerk quality.

Herringbone and further laying patterns


The herringbone laying pattern is experiencing a big revival. Classic and elegant, it gives a room the ambiance of a city villa. The dynamic zigzag pattern of Formpark Rombico shines not only in the classic French herringbone pattern, but also with other individual patterns that have a clear form language. In addition to herringbone, Formpark Quadrato and Formpark Rombico can be laid in many other patterns.

The spaciousness of individual planks reinterprets the classic laying pattern in an exciting way. The patterns impress with their simplicity and timelessness, at the same time being a statement of individuality.

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