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A year ago, Karin and Christian Steyrer fulfilled a long-cherished dream of theirs when they bought an old SUV to go on a road trip. The proud owners of a Land Rover Defender restored their set of wheels completely on their own and had a fantastic idea: They clad the rear interior area with parquet from Bauwerk (Cleverpark Oak, smoked), making it beautifully unique.

Where did you get the idea of installing parquet in your vehicle? In the case of the Steyrers, it was Karin Steyrer’s employer who played a decisive role. She and her husband seem to have internalised Bauwerk’s philosophy of sustainability: “In my opinion, restoring an old vehicle, making it usable again, to do this all by yourself and to then install a raw material that is renewable, which would otherwise have been destroyed as remnant stock, is the height of sustainability!” says Steyrer.

The first trip they took in their converted Land Rover was to the Alps, in the border area of Italy and France, where the two enthusiastic hikers collected many great memories. The imposing mountain scenery with its coarse gravel roads, steep abysses, lonely peaks and sleepy villages made the couple feel at one with nature. Thanks to the parquet they had installed, this feeling of closeness to nature continued to last even in their mobile home.

©Karin Steyrer

According to tradition, it was Hannibal, the Carthaginian military leader, who crossed the Alps in 218 BC with 37 elephants, 9,000 riders and 50,000 soldiers in this border region between France and Italy. Hannibal’s campaign, which is still regarded as a tactical and logistical masterpiece, reportedly lasted 16 days. The Land Rover with parquet panelling was a little faster at 14 days. The rather small time difference is probably more due to the relaxed travel schedule than the technical advantage over Hannibal’s time.

The Steyrer’s journeys through the Alps offered unadulterated variety: gradients and slopes of up to 20 per cent, asphalt and gravel tracks, temperatures from summer-like 35° Celsius to wintery 5° Celsius. Dusk was indisputably a very special highlight of the trip. The transition from day to night could also be enjoyed audibly, as the sun began to sink and the sounds of nature opened up to a kind of mystical silence filled with the breath of nature. The two adventurers mostly enjoyed such moments at dinner, which may not in itself have been sumptuous, but the parquet it was set at was extremely luxurious.

By the way: There is also a Bauwerk ID installed in the Land Rover’s parquet-clad rear area. Once you have registered your product with Bauwerk ID, you can rest assured that you have – in addition to an extzended 10-year guarantee – taken all necessary steps to ensure optimum care and maintenance of your floor.

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