Developing the B-Protect® surface has been quite a coup for Bauwerk which allowed us to lift our parquet floors  to even greater quality levels.

Visually, the B-Protect® surface is indistinguishable from natural, untreated wood  while, functionally, it offers all the benefits of a classic seal. It does not require any special care and is resistant to stains, perfectly protected against scratches and 100% healthy. Applied during the manufacturing process, the invisible, multilayer lacquer seals the entire parquet surface and protects it against penetrating dirt particles. On top of this, it minimises the impact of UV radiation and maintains the original appearance of the surface for many years. These unique features distinguish B-Protect® from any other available lacquer systems.


As the only product of its kind currently on the market, B-Protect® offers you and your principals wide-ranging benefits in terms of quality of living and longevity of the parquet.


“Almost invisible to the naked eye, B-Protect® provides long-term protection and maintenance of the wood’s natural appearance and haptics.”

Mijo Zeba, Surface Specialist at Bauwerk Parkett

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